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At the first floor of the double-deck occupied area are placed the Crashworthy seat of rescue mission operator and up to 10 universal articulating Seats-Stretchers with harness for rescued persons. This deck is protected from falling debris around and from above by lightweight Graphite-Epoxy pipe banisters and high strength Kevlar guard. The deck is equipped by the retractable ramp and retractable ladder. At the left side of ramp the helicopter-type rescue hoist is attached. The ramp area is equipped by a couple of watertight color CCD cameras (the monitor placed in the cockpit) and a couple of searchlights. Additional two cameras and a number of lights, attached at the lower surface of the vehicle, are aimed to provide pilot with unlimited view in all directions of flight and rescue mission.

Stretcher and Seats.
Single-seat Helicopter-type Cockpit

The single-seat helicopter type cockpit is placed at the second floor of the occupied area. Cockpit is equipped by a helicopter-type instrument panel, additional 2 LCD monitors and crashworthy pilot seat. The cockpit and pilot are protected by Graphite-Epoxy three-dimensional lightweight structure and shutter-proof safety glass.
The second crew member - Rescue Mission Operator

Rescue Mission Operator is placed at the first floor of the occupied area.