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The scale-down remotely-piloted electrically powered flying concept demonstrator vehicle development has been complete as well as its indoor tethered and outdoor free flight testing.

Propulsion system of this vehicle, like the propulsion of proposed full-size operational EAGLE rescue platform, is also based on ducted fan technology. The difference is, that this particular vehicle is designed as an electrically powered, instead of piston or turboshaft engine-based design. The power plant consists of four (4) electric motors. Each motor is mounted inside the duct and drives a wide chord 8-blade constant pitch propeller through the gearbox.

At this flying platform flight altitude is controlled by changing motor's RPM (rotation per minute) of all four fans together while pitch, roll and yaw are controlled by applying RPM differentials between pairs of fans: fore and aft pairs for pitch, laterally pairs for roll and diagonal pairs for yaw. Tilting the whole vehicle forward attains forward motion.

The box-section thin fuselage is designed as a three-dimensional lightweight composite material structure. The motor units with gearboxes and propellers are mounted on diagonal structural beams. Those beams are connected together by a central structure, which incorporates landing gear functions and battery set compartment at the same time. Above the central part of fuselage an electronic compartment is placed. It is protected by a composite material high strength fairing.

Tethered Flight

More Tethered Flight

Control System's Tethered Test

Maximum Controlled Pitch

Free Flight

Tethered indoor flights and later, outdoor free flights have confirmed feasibility of the above mentioned control system's logic and platform's design architecture as a whole. The vehicle is controlled easily in all three control channels: pitch, roll and yaw. Altitude is also controlled easily. Hovering mode is reached easily in ground effect and above as well.

This electrically powered small VTOL platform could be used as a basis for another independent field of our development. In particular, a wide family of a cheap and small size remotely-piloted VTOL platforms could be developed for different civil, police and military applications.